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Clancy Aviation Lazy Bee

The Lazy Bee will be built and made ready to fly for a customer in Ohio.  The Bee came to me with the wing already built but it was crushed during shipping and will have to be re-worked.  I don’t think the wing could have been packaged by the owner any better than it was so I have to assume the shipper used it for a football game or perhaps bench seating,  The wing is fairly fragile when built to plan so I may substitute some spruce or basswood for the main spar in lieu of balsa.  The spruce will add a good bit of strength with negligible weight gain.

On initial inspection I had planned to salvage the wing tip bows and build the rest from scratch.  After looking closer I now plan to re-kit the wing and salvage most of the shaped material.  I might have given a go at repairing this wing if it weren’t for the main spar being split in half right near the center-line.

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  1. John chadwick says:

    Very helpful post re Bee build. Building from plan, I wonder whether the wing structure and tips securing method could do with some beefing up? Specifically I made double thickness laminated wing ribs and an extra rib at the tip joint to glue to end wing rib.
    Otherwise wing looks a bit frail to me.

    • The wing is without a doubt frail to say the least. I replaced the balsa main spars on this one with spruce and it made a considerable difference. However, with the amount of these birds in the air, I would say that the original design holds up quite well despite being frail.

  2. John chadwick says:

    Hi again …
    A query about the front wing mount. Not used to seeing a single central peg and would prefer a dowel at each side, like the t/e one.
    In your experience is the front one secure enough?

    • I’ve never flown one of these myself but have seen several over the years. The wing mount at the front, if done correctly with the thread wrap, is plenty strong enough. I don’t think i have ever heard of any issues with it. You could certainly run a dowel across the fuselage if that is your preference but be certain that it is secure enough not to pull up through the fuselage sides/cabin top.

  3. Robert Duncan says:

    I have the 72″ version and am getting a lot of tail/rudder flutter over about 1/3 throttle. The pushrod guide runs from just behind the rudder servo to the outside of the tail where the pushrod exits. I thought it might be a sloppy servo, but it appears that the pushrod itself is the only thing that moves side to side. Don’t know how to stop the flutter.

  4. tom bowen says:

    hi,i am looking for a lazy bee kit or plans.i would prefer a kit.please let me know,thanks,tom

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