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Lazy Bee Build Video

| August 8, 2014

Experimenting with some movie editing software….       Google

Revamping the GWS A-10

| April 24, 2014

Last year I put together a GWS A-10 as it comes stock knowing that it is notoriously under powered.  Basically I was looking for something to do over the winter and didn’t want to invest any money into it.  It had one flight on it which struggled to get more than 20 feet in the […]

Request a Quote not working

| August 13, 2013

It has been brought to my attention that the Request-a-Quote form is no longer working and at this point I have no idea when it went down.  If you are in need of a quote, or if you filled out the form in the past and I failed to respond to you, please send an […]

Sig 1/6 Scale J-3 Cub

| October 22, 2012

More progress on the Cub this weekend…fuselage covering is completed along with repairs to the cowling.  A few more pictures have been posted to the Cub Page

Transformation to WordPress is Complete

| February 21, 2011

Success!! All of the project pages have been successfully transferred to the new blog format and are viewable now. I will be updating them in the next few weeks to include captions with all of the pictures. I will also be adding Tips and Tricks, Workshop Hints, and many other members-only features in the near […]

2006 – Lockheed Electra

| February 18, 2011

A neat little project for my oldest daughters 4th grade biography report…. The Lockheed Electra

Updated – transforming

| February 5, 2011 is currently transforming to a Blog style format.  In the meantime, please visit the classic website by clicking here. (Link has been removed) ***UPDATE*** As of Feb 21, 2011, the classic site has been dismantled.