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WH 35% RV-4 Build Page

| July 28, 2014

The Wendell Hostetler 35% RV-4 test build is underway and the build page has been posted under current projects in the left sidebar.

30% Super Decathlon Ready For Sale

| March 2, 2014

The framing on the Decathlon has been completed and it is now ready for display at the RC flea market next weekend.

30% Super Decathlon Update

| February 5, 2014

At this point I have 34 hours of total build time in this project and should have no problem having it framed up for display at a local RC flea market coming up in 4 weeks.  After building hand cut and/or die crunched kits for the better part of 32 years, I can’t say enough […]

30% Super Decathlon Test Build

| February 3, 2014

Big update tonight….most of the fuselage framing is complete and wing construction has begun.  Visit the link to the left for many more pictures.

30% Super Decathlon Test Build

| January 30, 2014

Tonights installment of the Decathlon build takes us through the tailfeathers.  Pictures have been added to the page linked at the left.

30% Super Decathlon Test Build Continues

| January 30, 2014

Continuing on with the Super Decathlon build…the main structure of the fuselage is completed.  Click the link to the left under current projects to view additional pictures.

30% Super Decathlon Test Build

| January 29, 2014

The Decathlon build has commenced!  This build will move along rapidly as the intent is to have it ready to showcase the laser cutting service at a local swap meet the first week of March.

Top Flite DC-3 Ready for Delivery

| May 11, 2013

The Top Flite DC-3 has been completed as far as I will be taking it.  It is now ready for delivery to the glasser/painter.  The project photos have been moved from Current Projects to 2013 Projects and an additional 30 or so pictures have been added.

Top Flite DC-3

| April 20, 2013

Started building the wing center section on the DC-3 this weekend…progress photos are in the gallery.

Sig Seniorita and Top Flite DC-3

| April 13, 2013

Been a while since my last post so Ive updated a few things.  There have been additional pictures added to the Giant Aeromaster re-cover project as it is now completed and delivered.  The Sig Kadet Seniorita partial build is underway and a page has been created for project photos.  The static display Top Flite DC-3 […]