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Are you tired of flying the same ARF as all the other guys in the club but just dont have the time required to build a kit? Or, is there one plane that you must have but isn't available in an ARF? could be the solution to your problems. I am a full service kit builder with over 30 years experience building and flying radio controlled aircraft. I can provide any level of service from "bare bones" construction to complete finishing and installation of engines and electronics. My pricing structure is very reasonable and usually averages 1.5x to 2x kit price for "bare bones" plus extras for covering and gear installation. Pricing will also vary according to materials supplied by you. can provide materials or accessories at cost. So pull that dusty old kit that you know you will never build down off the shelf and shoot us an email. You'll be glad you did!

  • Lazy Bee Build Video

    Posted By on August 8, 2014

    Experimenting with some movie editing software….




    WH 35% RV-4 Build Page

    Posted By on July 28, 2014

    The Wendell Hostetler 35% RV-4 test build is underway and the build page has been posted under current projects in the left sidebar.

    Revamping the GWS A-10

    Posted By on April 24, 2014

    Last year I put together a GWS A-10 as it comes stock knowing that it is notoriously under powered.  Basically I was looking for something to do over the winter and didn’t want to invest any money into it.  It had one flight on it which struggled to get more than 20 feet in the air and has been hanging in the shop ever since.  Until last weekend…when I was putting away a few motors and speed controls that I had lying about the work area and thought I could put some of this stuff to use.  So I drug the A-10 down and started hacking away at it to fit a motor/prop on the front end.

    30% Super Decathlon Ready For Sale

    Posted By on March 2, 2014

    The framing on the Decathlon has been completed and it is now ready for display at the RC flea market next weekend.

    30% Super Decathlon Update

    Posted By on February 5, 2014

    At this point I have 34 hours of total build time in this project and should have no problem having it framed up for display at a local RC flea market coming up in 4 weeks.  After building hand cut and/or die crunched kits for the better part of 32 years, I can’t say enough about the speed and ease with which a laser cut kit goes together.  Combined with CAD drawn parts and plans, the laser cut parts fit together perfectly…the first time…with no sanding required.  The charring on the wood edges can mostly be removed with a few light strokes of 120 grit sandpaper (the thicker plywoods require a bit more elbow grease) if you so choose but it has no effect on the ability of glues to soak into the wood for a good bond.

    30% Super Decathlon Test Build

    Posted By on February 3, 2014

    Big update tonight….most of the fuselage framing is complete and wing construction has begun.  Visit the link to the left for many more pictures.

    30% Super Decathlon Test Build

    Posted By on January 30, 2014

    Tonights installment of the Decathlon build takes us through the tailfeathers.  Pictures have been added to the page linked at the left.

    30% Super Decathlon Test Build Continues

    Posted By on January 30, 2014

    Continuing on with the Super Decathlon build…the main structure of the fuselage is completed.  Click the link to the left under current projects to view additional pictures.

    30% Super Decathlon Test Build

    Posted By on January 29, 2014

    The Decathlon build has commenced!  This build will move along rapidly as the intent is to have it ready to showcase the laser cutting service at a local swap meet the first week of March.


    Posted By on January 29, 2014 is now offering laser kit cutting services!

    We are happy to announce this new service now available to our customers.  We also have the ability to convert your existing plans to cut files using the latest CAD technology.  Our first kit offering will be the Wendell Hostetler designed 30% Super Decathlon and we will be growing our catalog as quickly as possible.  Please be patient while we obtain the proper tools and permissions to be able to offer you quality kits.  You can follow along with the test build of the Super Decathlon right here on

    For questions and/or pricing information, please feel free to email Denny. Or, if you prefer, please call at 717-267-1979.